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Recently we linked up with photographer Ryan Struck, who brings “earn-your-turn” credentials and a talented eye to the task of capturing cold water surf stoke.

Ryan says, “The ‘Snow Surf’ series shows the coldest highs a surfer from the East Coast experiences. The water is mind numbing, quite literally after your first duck dive. I’ve definitely felt dazed shooting from the water after getting pounded by a big set, it really adds a different element to this pursuit of happiness.

Iceland, Alaska, and Norway are all the rage these days. Beyond the newly circulating surf photos people have been surfing in the snow and cold for decades. The Northeast is a beautiful and oft grumpy surf locale, the locs aren’t surfing for photos or marketing campaigns- they don’t want you shooting their waves at all. I respect that. Everyone pictured are friends of mine, we break bread and they trust I won’t blow their spot up when its firing. The surf community in the Northeast is a tight group and I’m ever inspired by their passion for wave riding, even in the snow.”



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