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About Coldsmoke

Coldsmoke aims to define the future of American made apparel. We design for use-case and versatility rather than seasons. We believe in designing smarter, buying less, and enjoying longer.

Coldsmoke bridges the gap between cutting edge technical performance, sartorial design, and American made durability.

We handcraft short runs in a local workshop using materials sourced from the world’s most advanced fabric mills.

By offering our gear direct to you online, at our Venice flagship store, and through a select few retailers, we are freed from standard retail margins and deadlines. This allows us to quickly adapt to your feedback, draw inspiration from our active and evolving lifestyles, and never compromise on quality.

We make gear that becomes one with you, so that you can become one with your environment.

Coldsmoke began in the mountains of British Columbia from a vision of creating superior technical gear for Powder Mountain heli-ski guides. We took this hard-earned knowledge of technical performance materials and applied it to apparel that performs in every environment, from summits, to seas, to cities.

It was on a mountain peak in the B.C. backcountry when we first heard the term Coldsmoke from a legendary heli-ski guide describing the phenomenon when fresh snow, sunlight, and wind combined to form clouds of sparkling powder that appeared like smoke. With this vision of disparate elements coming together in perfect harmony, Coldsmoke was born.